Where i work

most of the time i write here

Under the pictures of Miffy and Matilda, there are photos and maps all about the book that I'm working on now. The box of tea is a BIG clue to where my new story is set. It has lovely pictures on it of fields and dry stone walls and sheep. My desk is NOT usually this tidy. I should probably show you what it looks like normally.

Place I write most.png



This is a little foldable table that I use for writing when I'm staying somewhere else. It's perfectly lovely sitting by the big, sunny window where I can't quite see the road below and so don't get distracted by passers-by. Occasionally I watch buzzards circling over the distant fields which sometimes reflects where I am going with my story.


When it's warm enough, I can be found writing in the garage. I get quite a lot of work done here as there's only one window and all I can see is one tree and two pigeons, and it's very QUIET.